Keeping Safe: Talking About Alcohol

glasses of wine

Reading time: 4 mins 

Suitable for: Families of primary-aged children 

Your child may be curious about everything that appears to be only for adults, including alcohol, and want to know more. They might see someone drinking on TV, watch you drinking at home or at parties, and spot adverts showing alcohol. Their friends and conversations on the playground may also influence them.

As a parent, you will have your own opinions about drinking alcohol. You may not drink because of religious beliefs and want your child to abstain, too. Or perhaps you choose not to drink and want to encourage your child to do the same. Other families will see moderate drinking as perfectly acceptable behaviour. Every family is different.

Regardless of your personal drinking habits, talking about alcohol with your child is a positive decision. You want your child to know that drinking isn’t safe for children, as their bodies and minds are still growing. Supplying your children with the correct information when they are young will ultimately influence their decisions about alcohol as they grow up and help them have a healthy lifestyle.




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