How to Help When Your Child Cries

child crying

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Suitable for: Families of primary-age children

Crying is a natural response to feeling hurt or experiencing a powerful emotion. But what do you do if your child seems to cry all the time?

Some children are naturally more sensitive than others and seem to cry more than other children. There are lots of simple ways you can support them and understand the reason behind why they are crying. 

Why your child cries

For new-born babies, crying is the only way to get the attention of their caregiver. They cry because they’re hungry, wet, tired, or in need of affection. 

Younger children continue to cry for physical needs, like a tooth coming through, but also because they haven't developed the communication skills necessary to express difficult emotions like frustration, jealousy, embarrassment, and feeling left out. 

As children grow up, they generally cry less frequently because they can better express their emotions, and learn resilience and problem-solving skills they can use to feel less frustrated. 

Finding out why your child cries

If your child cries a lot, look for patterns to find any particular triggers. Sometimes a simple change to your normal routine can make a big difference. The My Family Journal App is a great free tool you can use to help with this. Find out more about the app.


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