Supporting with Bereavement | Dr Tina Rae

Podcast episode art Supporting With Bereavement Dr Tina Rae

In this episode, Dr Tina Rae, joins Clare to talk about how to support children and young people experiencing grief and loss. The topic relates not just to the loss of family members, but to family pets or even an important belonging. Tina shares practical tips to help process grief in an emotionally safe way.   

Dr Tina Rae has 40 years’ experience working with children, adults, and families in clinical and educational contexts within local authorities and specialist services. She is currently working as a Consultant Educational and Child Psychologist in a range of specialist and mainstream contexts. She also supports fostering agencies as a Consultant Psychologist working with foster carers, social workers and looked after children.

Tina is a prolific author and has over 100 publications to date. These reflect her ongoing passion for developing practical resources for schools which have an evidence base and enable practitioners to ethically deliver effective preventative mental health interventions in schools. 

Tina recommends her book The Bereavement Book 

You can find more about Tina and her work on Twitter 

Tina also shares three tips during the episode: 

  1. Keep talking and sharing memories. 
  2. Acknowledge that people grieve differently, especially children.  
  3. The importance of having an emotionally safe space and showing affection.


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