How to Help Your Child With Feeling Insecure

feeling insecure

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Suitable for: Families with children of all ages

Does your child feel insecure? Every child has worries, but, for some children, insecurities can stop them from enjoying everyday activities. They might be reluctant to join in or become withdrawn from their friends. They may feel insecure about their looks, how well they do at school, or feel that everyone is better than them.

Why do some children feel insecure?

While having some insecurities is natural, there are factors that can make your child feel more insecure:

  • Peers and siblings: Your child may compare themself to other children. They could feel everyone is doing better than them or that you prefer a sibling.
  • Friends: Best friends can also be your child's harshest critics. If your child is struggling at school, they may feel that everyone is better than them.
  • Social media: Everyone seems happier, smarter, and having more fun on social media. Your child may struggle to see that it is not an accurate reflection of reality.
  • Change: Family changes like parent separation or a bereavement can leave them feeling unsettled and anxious.


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