Supporting Your Child if They Come Out as Gay 

supporting child coming out

Reading time: 5 mins 

Suitable for: Families of secondary-aged children 

You might have always suspected that your child is gay. Or perhaps it's a total shock when they discuss their feelings with you. Whatever situation you're in, how you react is important. The conversations you have with your child will help them know they are loved and can always talk to you.

It can be difficult learning that your teen is gay. You might feel confused or worried or feel like you've lost your child. Alternatively, you may feel very supportive, but not know how best to support them. You might feel unsure about what to do, or worried about saying the wrong thing. Many parents feel the same way.

Supporting a child coming out as gay 

There is no 'right' way to support your child if they come out as gay but there are things you can do to help them have these difficult conversations with you: 





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