Supporting a Teen Exploring Their Gender Identity 

gender identity

Reading time: 3 mins  

Suitable for: Families of secondary-aged children 

Gender identity is something we all have. It's a way of describing how we feel about our gender. For some people, being labelled as a 'boy' or a 'girl' doesn't feel like the right fit. They might see themselves as somewhere between these, or as neither of them. Gender is different from someone's sexuality or their biological sex, but these words are often confused.

If your child is exploring their gender identity, you might be worried about what to say and feel unsure about the best way to help them. Some parents feel upset or angry and struggle to understand how their teen is feeling.

However you're feeling, it's important to show your child you are there for them and love them unconditionally. Exploring gender identity is likely to be a stressful experience for your teen. It can feel lonely if they don't think people understand them. They may be worried about being accepted by their friends and family.




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