Helping Your Child Eat Healthily

healthy eating

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Suitable for: Families of primary-age children. It may also be useful for families with older children.

Helping your child to eat healthily supports their healthy growth and development into adulthood. A healthy diet can have a positive effect on your child’s health, helping them to maintain a healthy weight, stabilise their moods, sharpen their minds, and avoid a variety of health problems. A healthy diet can also have a positive effect on your child’s sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. 

But we know it can be difficult to get children to make healthy food choices. Mealtimes can easily feel like a battle.  

Why can children struggle to eat healthily?

A range of factors can affect your child’s attitudes to eating, including how you and other members of the family eat, their friends’ eating habits, body image pressure, trauma, stress, and bullying. Appetites may change at different ages, and this is normal; some children eat a lot or eat anything, while others are more particular. Some children are “fussy eaters”, and it’s made more challenging when they decide they don’t want to eat certain foods that you know they used to enjoy.  



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