Stereotypes & Behaviour | Nic Ponsford

stereotypes and behaviour Nic Ponsford

Listen in to expert guest Nic Ponsford as she discusses gender and stereotypes and how that might influence behaviour at home.

Nic is the co-founder and CEO for education of the Global Equality Collective (GEC). She is also the director of Edtech UK, the national independent organization, advisory forum and strategic body. Nic is also a frequent keynote speaker and panelist on closing gaps for the most vulnerable, and all things diversity and inclusion in education.

Nic recommends a book called The Gender Agenda: A First-Hand Account of How Girls and Boys Are Treated Differently. It’s available here.

The three top tips Nic shares with us in the episode are:

  1. Think about girl's wardrobes. Think about how the clothes and shoes they have might create barriers around physical fitness and around joining in games.
  2. Engage with girls a love of exercise and being outside. Be very sensitive to counterbalance messages about weight and what they eat. Make sure girls start to like themselves for their bodies.



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